With a tax battle looming, the chair of the powerful committee will guide tax policy.

8h ago
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Brett Bolton comments on the post election future of the Ways and Means Committee

The steady demand for municipal bonds in high-risk areas underscores the complex relationship between climate change and financial markets.

May 22
25 Min Read
A flooded playground in Waterbury, Vermont

With a myriad of challenges facing state and local governments to fund vast infrastructure needs amid a shifting climate and severe weather events, there are government officials across the country that have begun to address them head on. Paying for them is one of the biggest challenges.

May 24
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Driver prepares to charge an electric Chevrolet Bolt

As EVs and fuel-efficient cars become more common, states and Congress are eying alternative revenues like road user charges.

May 24
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The top five bond financings have an average dollar volume of more than $1.9 billion.

June 12
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The top five bond financings have an average dollar volume of more than $1.2 billion.

June 11
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Darren Olson of the American Society of Civil Engineers joins to discuss the importance of resilient infrastructure and the impact of federal funding on America's future.

June 11
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Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry

The state's new law requires companies like investment banks to provide written verification of their positions, part of a trend among similar bills aimed at preventing Wall Street banks from lying about their positions, said a firearms industry lobbyist.

June 20
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A homeless encampment that was later cleaned up.

The City of Angels is the latest in recent days to score a ratings upgrade as Fitch reviews its local government ratings using amended criteria.

June 17
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White Paper
Focus on real credit risk to cut through the political noise
The new infrastructure bill will have a huge impact on America's transportation and information networks over the next five years. Turbo-charging the municipal finance market to keep the transformation going? That's a longer haul.
Our Bond Buyer series, Build What Better?, concludes as author and host Peter Keating talks with visionary leaders in infrastructure design, policy and funding.
Green bonds are flooding to market — and financing infrastructure — around the world. When will U.S. municipal bond investors get the info they need to join the rush, and what will they pay for the privilege?