The steady demand for municipal bonds in high-risk areas underscores the complex relationship between climate change and financial markets.

May 22
25 Min Read
A May 15 demonstration against Palm Beach County's purchase of Israel bonds in front of the Palm Beach Circuit Court. Laura Estefania is speaking.

Palm Beach County residents are using a Florida law passed last year aimed at ESG investing to challenge its county's investment in Israel bonds.

May 23
8 Min Read
Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp

Its state university systems face a funding freeze for noncompliance with a 2023 state law banning diversity, equity, and inclusion offices.

May 21
6 Min Read
Helen Mountford, president and CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation, at center

More funding went to oil and gas subsidies than into green energy projects in recent years, according to panelists at Milken Institute's Global Conference.

May 10
6 Min Read
aerial view of norfolk virginia

Catch up on our recent coverage of the various legal issues and considerations impacting BAB redemptions.

May 15
2 Min Read

James Morris of Investortools joins the podcast to discuss the significant impact of electronic trading and automation on the municipal finance sector, revealing insights into improved efficiencies, trading workflows, and the evolving role of bond traders.

May 14
28 Min Read

In the wake of Citi's and UBS's exit from the municipal industry, other firms are seizing the opportunity to expand with new hires.

May 6
2 Min Read
The new infrastructure bill will have a huge impact on America's transportation and information networks over the next five years. Turbo-charging the municipal finance market to keep the transformation going? That's a longer haul.
Our Bond Buyer series, Build What Better?, concludes as author and host Peter Keating talks with visionary leaders in infrastructure design, policy and funding.
Green bonds are flooding to market — and financing infrastructure — around the world. When will U.S. municipal bond investors get the info they need to join the rush, and what will they pay for the privilege?