Philadelphia-based Janney Montgomery Scott has been fined by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for reporting inaccurate times of trade on 391 municipal securities transactions.

11h ago
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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

The steady demand for municipal bonds in high-risk areas underscores the complex relationship between climate change and financial markets.

May 22
25 Min Read
A flooded playground in Waterbury, Vermont

With a myriad of challenges facing state and local governments to fund vast infrastructure needs amid a shifting climate and severe weather events, there are government officials across the country that have begun to address them head on. Paying for them is one of the biggest challenges.

May 24
9 Min Read
Driver prepares to charge an electric Chevrolet Bolt

As EVs and fuel-efficient cars become more common, states and Congress are eying alternative revenues like road user charges.

May 24
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Kaufman Hall & Associates, Caine Mitter & Associates, KNN Public Finance entered the Top 10, while CSG Advisors, Estrada Hinojosa and Columbia Capital Management were bumped.

8h ago
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Scott Colbert, Executive Vice President and Chief Economist at Commerce Trust Company, says the bond market remains attractive despite recent fluctuations, noting investment-grade taxable bonds and long-term municipal bonds offer solid opportunities for investors, especially in the current interest rate environment. He also discusses monetary policy and economic expectations.

July 23
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Economist Sean Snaith joins the podcast to share insights on Florida's economic growth, housing market issues, and labor market trends.

July 9
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Austin Mayor Kirk Watson

In Texas, the Austin City Council set a climate bond election for no later than November 2026, while an Arizona water authority is dealing with a funding drought.

July 23
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Oil pump jacks in Guymon, Oklahoma.

The state attorney general's office said it will appeal the ruling prohibiting enforcement of 2022's Energy Discrimination Elimination Act.

July 19
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Mark Baldassare, survey director at the Public Policy Institute of California.

A majority of likely California voters favor a $10 billion bond for climate resiliency projects, according to a Public Policy Institute of California poll.

July 19
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The new infrastructure bill will have a huge impact on America's transportation and information networks over the next five years. Turbo-charging the municipal finance market to keep the transformation going? That's a longer haul.
Our Bond Buyer series, Build What Better?, concludes as author and host Peter Keating talks with visionary leaders in infrastructure design, policy and funding.
Green bonds are flooding to market — and financing infrastructure — around the world. When will U.S. municipal bond investors get the info they need to join the rush, and what will they pay for the privilege?